WOD: 2-13-13

Skill:  Muscle Up (Ring Dips)

Warm Up:  3 x max effort Ring Hold on the top and bottom positions

WOD L1:  6 rounds for max reps of:

90 second AMRAP:  10 Hang Power Snatch (85/55)

Pull Up AMRAP in the remaining time

90 seconds rest between rounds

WOD L2:  6 rounds for max reps of:

90 second AMRAP:  7 Power Snatch (115/75)

Muscle Up AMRAP

90 seconds rest between rounds


Let’s all sit down and talk about the cancellation policy…

Before we start though, let’s be clear that this is being put into place to insure that everyone in the gym has a fair and equal chance of getting into a class.  If “your friend”  has been scheduling herself to any class and not showing up, that person has now taken a spot from someone else who was capable of showing up, but couldn’t.  This is particularly important  with the prime time classes.  Also, let’s remember that a cancellation policy is not a new concept.  Salons, airlines, rentals of any kind, and any health professional office (and other locations less important than the gym) enforce a very strict cancellation policy.  The following is our version and even though you may disagree, this is being done for the best of you and everyone in the gym…

A proper cancellation of at least 6 or more hours prior to your class will be necessary to not incur any penalties.  The penalties being the following:

  • If you are a 2x/week, you will not be allowed to make up that class
  • If you are a 3x/week member, you will not be allowed to make up that class
  • If you are an unlimited member, you will be charged a $10 penalty

The best way to avoid any penalties would be to show up when yourself scheduled you to do so.  Be mindful that if your friends from college are going to be in town Tuesday night, canceling that 5:30 AM class on Wednesday is probably a good idea.  Reebok CrossFit Back Bay is understanding that life may sometimes get in the way, but we still ask that you be as considerate with your spot as you would want someone else to be if you were stuck in the waiting list.  Also please note that the money that is charged as a penalty will go back into buying new equipment for the gym or to fund social/other events at the gym.

You may now kill the messenger,



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